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Sign up for the Second Wave

Welcome to the Second Wave of the Lyric_Ficathon! This rounds's genre is going to be Classic Rock, since it one in the poll I posted last week. Thanks to everyone who voted.


- Sign ups go until Oct. 1st
- Lyric prompts will go out on Oct. 2nd
- Stories are due Nov. 1st

Sign Up: Comment with the following information and then join the community. I'll be giving all members posting access by Nov. 1st so they can post their stories. You must be a member in order to post your story.

LJ Username: The journal you'll be using to post the fic.
Fandom: What fandom you think you'll be writing in. You can change it at any time.
Pairing: What pairing/pairings you might be writing. It's just to help me pick a decent song for them.

Last time a couple of you wanted to do more than one fic. Some even managed to do one each week. If you want more than one prompt, make sure you ask for it in your comment. Thanks!

That's it. Sign up and have fun!

Oh, and please pimp the community. The more members we get, the more wonderful fic we'll have to read.

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