bookishtype (bookishtype) wrote in lyric_ficathon,

Title: Sugar
Author: bookishtype
Fandom: Firefly
Claim: Mal/River
Prompt: “Lord, I was born a rambling man. Trying to make a living and doing the best I can”
Rating: PG
Word Count: 567
Written for: lyric_ficathon challenge 2
Comments: unbetaed. apologies for the lateness of my entry, RL took over everything. thanks to lucasharper for his help when the plot bunny wouldn't.
Mal ambled through the ship’s corridors, taking in the surroundings, checking on his girl. His girl, Serenity had stuck through thick and thin with him. Even when was torn apart after Miranda she came back to life. He did the best he could with her, making his living as a rambling man and she still wanted him around. Serenity didn’t run when things got tough, she didn't turn a cold shoulder when he cursed her. Nor did she deny him when all he wanted was someone to listen to him. She was like no woman Mal had ever met and he loved her truly as much as a man could love a boat.
River sat on the metal gangway, her legs swinging. Her mind filled with the images that came from Mal as he walked his boat. He walked the boat many nights long after the crew fell asleep. Makin’ sure everything was okay, conversing with the old soul that was Serenity. River lay back on the metal grid and closed her eyes. She opened her mind up completely to Mal and Serenity's conversation. His footsteps followed well worn paths; his hands caressed the machinery that made her. His affection for Serenity was unlike anything she had felt before and it left her breathless. He loved Serenity.
Mal walked along the metal gangway, he had seen River lying there obliviously to him. He slowed his gait so as to not startle her. Standing above her, she still had not noticed him; her eyes remained closed, fluttering occasionally in a dream state. Her breath was long and deep, her cheeks flushed a rosy pink. Mal bent and ran his finger down her cheek softly and whispered “Lil’ albatross, what are you doin’ out here?”
River felt his finger brush down her, startled by the contact she sat up, throwing Mal off balance. Blinking wide and flushing slightly, she dipped her head, “Listening is all, and the quiet speaks volumes you know.” She had been swallowed up with Mal’s emotions and let them take control that she hadn't noticed the change but she noticed it now.
Mal’s emotions had shifted from Serenity to her and she shivered. Mal jumped forward, “Here, take this”, he placed his jacket around her shoulders. The intensity of emotions compounded as he leant around her. She could taste it all. The hardened soldier had a core of sweetness and it surprised her. Enough to look deeper not only within and but she looked up and found his eyes. Mal’s hands rested on her shoulders, his thumb tracing her collar bone beneath. He leant forward indecisively and as she closed her eyes, their lips met.
Their connection was brief but enough for Mal to know that he shouldn’t have done such a thing. The kiss neither a peck nor filled with passion had broken through a barrier that had been invisible til now. She sat staring up at him, eyes wide waiting, listening to him think.
“The threshold has been crossed, the line blurs, and the captain is standing at a crossroads.”
Mal sat back, “The decision has been made, it cannot happen again”; River spoke her words soft but true. She eased her self up off the floor and walked to her cabin.
A brief taste of sweetness, the start of an addiction, she walked away knowing that anymore would send her into a coma.
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